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Double Layer Knit Beanie w/ Pom | Medium Gray

Double Layer Knit Beanie w/ Pom | Medium Gray

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Introducing the ultimate brain-warming accessory for all you geeks and chill-seekers out there: the Freak + Pocky Double Layer Knit Beanie!

🎩 Geek-Chic Style. Unleash your inner geek with these double-knit wonders. Whether you're a Trekkie, a Potterhead, or just a general aficionado of all things awesome, these beanies will have you looking stylishly nerdy in no time. Wear it proudly to your next comic con, movie marathon, or just while binge-watching your favorite series in your pajamas.

🧶 Handmade with Love. Our beanies are handcrafted with 100% acrylic yarn, ensuring you stay warm and cozy in every adventure. The love and care that goes into each stitch make these beanies not just accessories, but wearable works of art. Each one is a testament to craftsmanship and geeky passion.

🧢 One Size Fits Most. No need to roll for size – our beanies are designed to fit comfortably on most heads, so you can focus on saving the world (or the princess) without any hat-related distractions.

🌟 Detachable Fur Poms for Ultimate Customization! But here's where the real fun begins! Our beanies come with detachable fur poms that can be swapped out with any other F+P pom beanie. That's right – you can mix and match your fur poms to match your mood, your fandom, or your spaceship's interior. It's like having a whole wardrobe of beanies in one!

    💥 Why Choose Freak + Pocky? At Freak + Pocky, we're geeks just like you. We understand the importance of expressing your passion and individuality through your style. That's why we create unique, handcrafted products that speak to your inner nerd. Our double-knit handmade beanies are no exception – they're designed to keep you warm while you boldly go where no one has gone before.

    Don't miss your chance to rock the ultimate geek-chic accessory. Grab your F+P double-knit handmade beanie today and level up your style game while staying snug as a Wookiee in winter. Geek on! 🚀🤓

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