Meet the Maker

Kelly & the first Poppet Hangers

Hi there! I'm Kelly - also known as Apockylypse, or Pocky for short. I'm a crafty nerd, wife to the geek of my dreams, and momma to the goofiest Coonhound rescue, Pixel.

And I'm also the Poppet master, decal maker & embroidery designer behind Freak+ Pocky! 

Have you ever wished your favorite characters were brought to life? Me? Every. Single. Day. As a kid, my imaginary friend E.T. and his family would go on vacations with us. And now? I don't think it could get much better than going on adventures with Mal & the Firefly crew - or being able to give the big & squishy Baymax a hug!

It's those fandom day dreams - plus my yarn addiction - that brought me to making & designing our first Poppets. 

Want to know one of my favorite things about being a Poppet Master? I love designing them and watching each tiny, but simple, detail bring so much personality to each Poppet. But it's even more meaningful when it's a unique commission for a favorite character or "poppet-izing" a friend.

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