The Yoda Child + Pod by Freak + Pocky
The Yoda Child + Pod by Freak + Pocky

The Yoda Child Pocket Poppet with Carrier Pod

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This soup sippin' Yoda Child will steal your heart.

Born with amazing Jedi powers - he can definitely teach you a thing or two. And we all hope to look this good at 50 years old!

**Original poppets are made with safety eyes (for ages 3 & up). If you are wanting a poppet for ages 0-3, please add a note to your order and yarn eyes will be used instead.**

The Yoda Child is not attached to the Carrier Pod, so he can be taken out to to admire & play with. 

Each poppet is made-to-order and handcrafted in Kentucky from 100% acrylic yarn. This Yoda Child poppet is the perfect gift for any Jedi in training!

They will geek out over the kawaii features of each Freak + Pocky Poppet, and will want to collect them all! Merge genres + blend fictional characters with your favorite anime or video game! From the gamer girl to your favorite nerdling, we have a Poppet stuffed toy you + everyone you know will love.

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Interested in commissioning a custom Poppet inspired by your favorite character? We love creating custom Poppets - just message us your request.

Instructions for Care: Give your poppet lots of love because each one is made with 100% acrylic yarn and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth + soapy water and air dried. Interested in other galaxy inspired Poppets?

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